April 3, 2017 Minutes

Meeting came to order at 7:33 pm. In attendance was: Jay and Vanessa Butterfield, Burt and Adam Smith, Barry Froistad, Brian and Char Schubauer, Jerry and Anita Brinkman, Fran Romer, April Ostransky, Rick Adams, Laura Hardesty, Carrie and Jessica Fitl, Lisa Finnell, JJ Frink, Megan Hansen, Jonna Sipp And Neil Falk.

Minutes from February meeting where read by Jonna Sipp. Barry Froistad made a motion to approve and Brian seconded the motion. All attended approved.

Laura Hardesty gave the Treasure Report: $2,497.13 checking account and $10,000 in savings.

Playday Report: Char and Brian proposed a new show bill with different age groups for the pleasure part of the show. Barry made a motion to approve, Jonna seconded the motion. All approved.

5-D Barrels- Fran is getting a lot of help this year. Anita Brinkman is helping get sponsors for barrel wraps, buckles, added money. Char found a sponsor for buckle, as did Fran, and Jonna had one anonymous sponsor. Megan Hansen and Jessica Fitl are working on the online entry forms. We also have the PayPal account set up so you can pay your entries. cchpc.treasurer@gmail.com Pam Schaff has all the BBR, RBF, WPRA dates sent in.

Roping report: Nothing

Speed show report: Lisa is working on the show bill.

Ride Night Report: 5 ride nights left. So far they have brought in $3,825 with $775 in memberships. We have paid out $3,184 to rent the arena at LEC. Getting charged this year for the use of them working the area tractor fee is making a huge difference in the price to rent. April is opening and Fran is closing is working out very well.

Youth board: nothing

Cook Shack Report: Looking forward to this year. Going to add a few more items to menu. May not open for ropings or just have a very limited menu.

Restroom Report: WE HAVE the PERMITS! Jay will get them to Lloyd Jakoubek so he can get his plumbing permits. We will have a ground breaking ceremony. Lloyd, Jay, Mike Hula, Stacy Markel, and Rich Welch will be getting together to start building!

Web Page/Facebook Report: Burt is working on the updates. And anyone that was trained can also help.

Sponsors Report: Anita, Fran, Laura and Burt are working ongetting business cards on the web site. Laura went to Sam’s club to see if they are donating this year. Sponsors from last year are getting notified if they want to sponsor this year. If not their names will be taken off the website. Barry made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Laura second meeting adjourned at 8:36p.m.

Next meeting will be Monday May 1, 2017 at 7:30 at the CCHPC grounds.

CCHPC Secretary

Jonna Sipp