2020 Officer Election Results

Hi everyone! Here are your 2020 officers:

President: Jay Butterfield
Vice President: Vanessa Butterfield
Treasurer: Laura Hardesty

Secretary: Jessie Kruse

PlayDay Chair: Jonathan Spreeman

Speed Series Chair: April Ostransky

Roping Chair: Rich Wolf

5D Barrels Chair: Julie Phelps

Board Members: Jessica Fitl-Falk, Holly Warner, Rick Adams, Joy Plautz, Christsine Spreeman, James Brown

Youth Board: Celeste Phelps, Natalie Plautz, Kia Brown

Thanks to everyone who ran for an office, and we can’t wait to see you all again in 2020!

Reminder: Please put the barrels away after each use.

Bailee Schubauer

Long time member of CCHPC and current secretary.