2020 CCHPC Barrel Series Rules Updates (runs on weekends will differ)

  1. Entries
    1. Pre-entries will open before the event, exhibitions are limited and will be on the pre-entry form
    2. Pre-entries must be received 9pm night before the race
    3. Participant may withdraw entry by noon day of the race
    4. Draw will be posted by 2pm day of the race
  2. Office fees
    1. At CCHPC pre-entry FREE! On-site $5
    2. At LEC pre-entry $5 / On-site $10
  3. Entry fees
    1. Peewee: $2
    2. Youth: $20
    3. Open: $30
    4. Open Poles: $15 (Will be $17 when sanctioned.)
  4. Prize Fees
    1. $20 for non-member
    2. $10 for CCHPC member
  5. Exhibitions start at 6pm sharp
    1.  Limit to 40 exhibitions, no more than 5 per rider
    2. 60 seconds each, 45 second warning will be given by the announcer
    3. At CCHPC: 1 for $3 or 2 for $5
    4. At LEC: $5 each
  6. Runs start at 7pm – tractor drag after peewee and youth and every 5 entries
    1. Run order: Peewee, youth, then open
  7. Age groups
    1. PeeWee: 10 and under
    2. Youth: 18 and under
    3. Open: anyone
  8. Youth and peewee entries
    1. If a rider pays for youth and open, they must choose prior to the race whether they will run twice or carry over their first time
    2. Peewee entrants cannot run in another division (Under 10 can enter youth division, but cannot do both)
  9. Payouts
    1. Money will be paid via PayPal or mail. No payouts night of the race.
    2. Payouts will not be held until next race.
    3. If rider does not provide PayPal or address, winnings will be forfeited
  10. Year-end awards
    1. When year-end award fees are paid, the rider is eligible (example: rider does not pay year-end award fee until race 6, points will start accumulating as of race 6 even though rider participated in previous races)
    2. Rider/horse combination are used for year-end awards
    3. Rider/horse combination must compete in half or more of the events to be eligible for year-end awards, if half is an odd number, requirement will be rounded up (example 7 races, half is 3.5, required will be 4)
  11. Each rider is responsible for being ready at the gate
    1. Announcer will have 3 calls for the rider, if the rider is not at the gate, announcer will move to the next rider
    2. If a rider misses their run order they will NOT be placed at the end and fees are not refunded

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