Membership Information

There are many benefits to becoming a CCHPC member! 
*Office fee is less for members
*Members can use the arena anytime an event is not in progress (members are responsible for following the rules and checking the club calendar)
*Members who fulfill their volunteer time are eligible for great year-end awards
*Members in good standing may be nominated for an officer or board position or become a committee chair person

Membership Form

CCHPC Rules & By-laws

All participants are held responsible to read and abide by the rules set forth by CCHPC.


Please read! Changes approved 4/2/23.

Speed Series Rules


5D Barrels Rules

UPDATED APRIL OF 2024. Please read for 5D Saddle Series specific rules. *No prize fee for 2024! Only current members are saddle eligible.

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2024 CCHPC Board

CCHPC officers and board members are all volunteers. Many work full time, have children, love to ride, and yet share time to volunteer to make CCHPC the best that it can be. Volunteers are the heart of CCHPC and work hard to make it a fun environment for all to enjoy!

Meetings are held monthly on the 2nd Monday of a month and anyone can attend. We encourage you to be involved and assist at a show or with grounds maintenance to keep our club running smooth!

2024 Officers
President: Rick Adams
Vice President: Holly Adams
Secretary: Sheilla Carroll
Treasurer: Brenda Greenfield
(E-mail: [email protected])

 2024 Board of Directors

Tanya Duba
Jessica Falk
Neil Falk
Joy Plautz
Emily Green
Michael Irwin

2024 Youth Board of Directors
Liz Funk
Natalie Plautz
Faith Elkins

2024 Committee Chairs - All series welcome any help to make shows run smooth!

Barrels: Holly Warner, Morgan Mulder, Tanya Duba, Brenda Greenfield
Play Days: In search of a team!
Speed Series: Joy Plautz, Danielle Elkins, Michael Irwin

close-up photo of brown horse